Egypt Barrel Simulation

The IBA Simulation is a brainchild of AAPG’s Young Professionals Chapter of Egypt. Coordinated by AAPG YP Lead for North Africa, Ola Adly and supervised by Prof. Ahmed Neizy El Barkoky, the IBA simulation is similar to the global AAPG IBA competition in structure and organization and allows for fresh graduate geoscience students with less than 6 months oil industry experience to join in teams of five under an academic advisor, and act as an exploration team required to evaluate an area beginning from geoscience regional studies, to risk assessment and final recommendation. Student teams are involved in seismic and well log interpretation, petroleum system evaluation and reserves calculation within the two month period allowed for the project. Datasets are obtained locally and winning teams are selected by geoscience industry experts within Egypt.

The aim of the simulation is to reduce the gap between theory and practical petroleum geoscience experience and students are expected to “think outside the box”, look at new exploration models and enhance their soft skills. The IBA simulation exercise was started two years ago and this year witnesses the third Egypt simulation event which was concluded on 8th December 2013 at Sky Resort, Cairo. The closing event had the Honorable Minister of Petroleum Resources of Egypt, Engr. Sherif Ismail in attendance.

The first IBA simulation event took place in 2011 and saw the participation of 150 students in 30 teams from 11 universities. The simulation event of 2012 also had 11 universities participating, including Helwan and Alexandria Universities. This year saw the participation of 23 teams from 12 universities.