The Exciting World of geology was designed by NAPE/AAPG Young Professionals (YP) as a geoscience outreach programme targeted at high school students across the Africa Region. The objective is to create early awareness and encourage possible interest in pursuing a career in the geosciences.

The outreach programme started with educating student leaders who attended the  Local Student Chapters Leadership Summit – LSCLS and YP Sessions at the 2013 NAPE conference in Lagos on the need to introduce the Exciting World to secondary Schools across Africa. Each Student Chapter was given 3 CDs titled ‘Exciting World of Geology’ containing presentations and ten geoscience short video clips. The Student Chapters have been charged to give career talks in at least five schools within their locality in a year.


YPs in Egypt led by Ola Adly have been providing educational support to students across Egypt. Some of these events and activities have become annually run events which have seen visible increase in participation and industry support over the years, and include Discover Egypt, the IBA simulation, the Gain n Give Program and several field trips.

YP events at 2013 NAPE AICE

The AAPG and its affiliate – The Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) hosted Young Professionals at the 2013 NAPE Annual ICE to a cocktail and freestyle mentoring evening on Wednesday, 13th November 2013. Young geoscience professionals were engaged in focused discussions related to growth opportunities within the earth science discipline. It was an opportunity for learning and collaboration. Young professionals at the event were also engaged in a meet and greet session – an informal networking and mentoring session which attracted a large attendance and provided the chance for YP’s to meet other conference participants and officials.

The AAPG also contributed to the success of the Barrel Odyssey which was a conference enriching event where YPs took a structured tour of the exhibition hall to learn about the upstream value chain and the role of the various companies present. It provided for them an in-depth expose on the upstream value chain and prizes were given to winners of the raffle draw at the end of the event.